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Masters and Templates are similar, however, copying content from a Template is much easier!

A template is recommended to store the final “pristine” version of your course materials. The materials in this template can be re-used from term-to-term or year-to-year. In an ideal world, these materials are copied to the current course offering. If changes need to be made at the course offering, updates should also be made to the template so that it contains the most current materials.

Templates are automatically created in Banner. They are identified by the Program or Course Name. Examples are:
NURS-3036 (template is CRSNURS-3036)
ATTM-4GAP (template is CRSATTM-4GAP)

For Templates to be used, a Program Assistant, Program Head or Chief Instructor must request to have individuals added to the template. Here is the form to make this request: Add a person to a course (or template).

To access the course template, click on the single settings_blue (blue gear icon) next to your name, and select the Course Management link, then choose the Template tab. Or click on the following job aid, how to access a Course Template.

Masters are manually created by the ETS team. Master courses can be difficult to find and many varieties of the same course might exist. Masters were also created before Templates were implemented, so many Masters still exist in the Learning Hub but might be out of date. In most cases these Master courses can be transferred to a Template and the ETS group can help. Just send an email to for assistance.

There may be a situation when the use of a Master is appropriate. For example, when the same course is delivered to two different program areas, having a Master will avoid updating two templates. Such as NSPN/NSNE 7100. In this case the Master acts as the final “pristine” version of your course materials.

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