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This article is for Instructors so they can get a student view of the Groups tool.

Instructor view

When an instructor clicks on the Groups link, this is what they see:


Student view

This is what students see when they click on the Groups link.

groups01bStudents can see who’s in their group by clicking on the number in the Members column.  Students can’t see who’s the other groups and they can’t even see how many other groups there are in each category.

When a student is enrolling in a self-enroll group, they click on the Choose Group link and see this:


  1. If they click on the number in the Members column, they can see who has already self-enrolled in that group.
  2. They click on the radio button of the group they want to join.
  3. Then they click on the Select button to become part of that group
Article #: HC-104