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YouSeeU Virtual Classroom is the online room tool being used with the Learning Hub.

To access this tool, follow these steps for every course you want to use this tool.

Step One: Enable the YouSeeU tool. Click on Edit Course on the Navigation Bar:

Step Two: click on the Tools icon:

Step Three: Turn “on” the External Learning Tools  option to add the ‘Virtual Classroom’ tool to the Navigation Bar:

Step Four: Click on Virtual Classroom from the Navigation Bar:

Click on the red circle with a white plus sign to create a new meeting room:

Create a new meeting item similar to:

If you are adding images in your file, make sure your image size is web ready using 72dpi.

Here are instructions to upload a PDF (recommended) file:
Step One: Click on the blue circle with a plus sign, located at the bottom left hand corner and select “Upload a Presentation”:

Step Two: Drag and drop files or browse for your file and then click on “Start”:

1. Online rooms have a maximum time frame of 90 minutes.
2. Session recording availability is up to 4 months.
3. Students and Instructor-Designers can access the room. All other roles need to be invited by an external link.
4. In order to sync slides with a video on YouSeeU, you must first save your PowerPoint slides as image files, and then upload them to your video. Here is an article that helps explain this.
5. If you did NOT check the “Automatic link to recording”, students will not be able to review the recording. Follow these steps:
Step 1 : Click on the three dots under the “Active” column
Step 2: Choose “Copy Public URL”.
Step 3: Place this URL in a News Item for students to be able to access the recorded session


Here is a video on how this session works.


Article #: HC-199