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If you teach several sections of the same course, there is a way to invite all sections into one Virtual Classroom session. Here’s how.

Create a Virtual Classroom in one course.

Make sure you tick the “Allow external participants” option when you are in the Schedule Meeting. This will allow you to invite other sections into your meeting.

Click the Save button.

Click the three dots beside your newly created session and select Copy External Link.

If you want to invite an external participant to this class, send this copied External Link to the person you want to join this room as a guest.

Or, if you want to invite another class, go into one of the other sections of your course. You will be pasting the link into a News item. This is how those students can access the Virtual Classroom that you created in the other course.

On the Course Home of the other course, click on the dropdown beside News and select New News Item.

Type in some instructions and add the link by clicking on the Chain icon.

Select URL near the bottom of the list in the menu.

Paste the address of the session in the URL box

Give the link a Title and make sure the New Window option is ticked.

Click the Insert button to put the link into your news item.

Click the Publish button to post your News item and now the students in this course have a link to the Virtual Classroom that you created in the other course.

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