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The Virtual Classroom tool in the Learning Hub is a desktop conferencing tool that allows instructors to give a PowerPoint lecture online.  The instructor schedules the meeting sessions that include time and date, and then students can log in on that day and time to hear and participate in that lecture.  Instructors can present their PowerPoint and talk about each slide.  Students can hear and ask questions.

You can find the Virtual Classroom in the Activities menu.

Click on the three dots icon and select Launch to enter the meeting.  You will only be able to get in during the time the meeting is scheduled. The instructor needs to be in the Virtual Classroom FIRST.

You will need to allow Bongo to run and access your mic and camera so look for those messages and allow them.

In the Meeting Lobby you’ll see all sorts of help notices.  At the bottom click on the Enter Meeting Room button.

Select the Microphone option so you’ll be able to talk in the session.  It will automatically do a test of your mic.  Click the green YES button to finally get in.

Most things will happen in the big white area on this page.  Here the instructor can load images and PowerPoint presentations.

1. Online rooms have a maximum time frame of 240 minutes.
2. Session recording availability is up to 4 months.
3. Student and Instructor roles can access the room. All other roles need to be invited by an external link.
4. Only INSTRUCTORs can create a Virtual classroom. Not Program Head/Chief Instructor, Instructor(ev), Student roles, etc …


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