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Video-based assessments can evaluate learners on speeches, presentations, and more. An example might be used for students to submit an interview question “Tell me about yourself”?

Step One: Go to the Video assignment

Click on Activities, then Video Assignment  as shown below:

Step Two: Create the Video assignment
Click on the  at the bottom right hand corner:

A new window opens up and this application is now “Powered by Bongo”. Select Create individual assignment:

Add the details for this assignment. Please note that this video assignment defaults to a Peer Review of 3 people.
Press Save.

Step Three: Create link in your Content
NOTE: Your students will NOT see your video assignments unless each one is added in the content.
a) Click on Content, and go to appropriate module to add this Video Assignment.
b) Click on Add Existing Activities and choose Video Assignment, as shown below:

c) Browse through the options Video Assignments created, and select the appropriate one for this module. Example below:

d) Once selected, it will show in your module similar to the example below:

– Go to Video Assignment to grades the student submissions
– Recommende
– Follow this job aid for students to record and upload their video assignment

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Article #: HC-678