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Using Respondus quiz tool to transfer a file into the Learning Hub

1) File must be saved in proper Word format for importing purposes. See Help Centre articles:
Standard Format for Importing Questions into Respondus 
sample questions

2) Respondus (tools for creating and managing exams in the Learning Hub) must be downloaded on your computer (See Help Centre article: Downloading Respondus Quiz Tool)

Step One: Open Respondus –> click on Import Questions:

Respondus Quiz1

Step Two: Update the following parameters

  1. Select the file to import:
    Type of file, from the upside down triangle, choose Microsoft Word 2007 (DOCX)
    File name, Browse for the saved document (DOCX) (recommend to move this file to the Desktop)
  2. Choose where to add the new Questions:
    Click Create a new document, named: type the same name as the file name above (noting the location of where the file is being saved).
    Click Preview
    Look for Warnings in the text box at the bottom of the open window. If duplicate title names appear this might be OK as the first 25 characters of each question is compared to one another.
    Fix all that needs an adjustment (fix it in the Word file and perform the above steps again).
    Click Finish



Step Three: Select Preview & Publish tab:

1. Select Preview and Preview the File icon:

Go through each question by selecting “Next” to see each question in your quiz. Use the Modify Item button if changes need to be made. Click on “Preview and Publish” tab and “Preview the File” button to go back to the viewing the quiz. Click on “Close” when done:


Step Four: Choose the “Publish” option from Respondus menu and choose the Publish Wizard icon:


Step Five: Choose third option and click “Next”:


Step Six: Publish Wizard

1. Choose the Question Library Section.
Choose Save As (note the location – suggestion: save to desktop) and type in a name that is the same as the word document file name, noting that it becomes a “zip” file.
3. Click Save and then select Finish


Step Seven: Next you will open the online course you want to import this quiz.

Click Edit Course from the Nav Bar:

Choose Copy/Export/Import:

Edit Course CopyExport

Step Eight: Select Import course material as indicated below:


Upload the file by searching for the “zip” file that will look something similar to:


import course pkg

Which should result to something similar to:

import course pkg2

This will take a minute to import and result in the following message. Click “View Content” to go back to your course.

import course pkg3

Step Nine: From the Nav Bar, go to Activities, Quizzes and select the QUESTION LIBRARY (Middle option – see below).

Question Library0a

Step Ten: The word “Section-“ was added to the newly created folder. Edit this folder by clicking on the drop down menu (upside down triangle) next to the folder and choose Edit. Update the name to delete the word “Section-” (example: Module9) and press Save.


A quiz can now be created by importing these new questions into the quiz. The following article will help you create a quiz:
Creating a quiz

NOTE, if you want to randomize the MC answers (making sure that there are no ‘all of the above’ etc type questions. go to:

File – preferences
Edit & Publish
The default can be changed here. Just have to remember to change it back to NO!!


Article #: HC-322