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Using the Assignment Tool

The assignment tool allows:

  1. you to create and deliver assignments
  2. your learners to submit their assignments to you
  3. you to grade and provide feedback

Everything that occurs in the assignment tool is archived with your course and all learner activities are time stamped. Rubrics can be integrated with assignments. If associated with a grade item, grades are automatically posted to the course Grades area.

To create the assignment dropbox for students, click the Activities link (1) on the Navigation bar and select Assignments. (2)

Click the New Folder button.  (3)

Type in the assignment name (4)  and skip down to the “Out of” box and type in the number of points you are marking this out of. (5)

Scroll down for more settings.  The instructions area (6) is where you can include some instructions.  You can add files that the student needs for this assignment in the attachments area (7).  These can be full instruction documents, a worksheet that needs to be filled in and uploaded, a starter spreadsheet, or anything that is needed for the students to be able to complete this assignment.  Items 6 and 7 are optional.

Click the Save and Close button to save the assignment (8) or click the Save and New button if you want to create another assignment for your next assignment. (9)

You can see there are several other options too.

  • If you set up groups, then you can select Group submission folder and then only one person from the group can hand it in and all group members can see the feedback.
  • Category lets you organize your assignment folders into categories.
  • Grade item lets you create a column in your grade book and send the mark over when you publish the marks.
  • Rubric lets you create and add a rubric to use to grade this assignment.

Call the help desk at 604-412-7444-2 and we can help you out with these advanced features.

Here’s what you see when you have created several assignment folders.

Make them Visible

Click the drop down arrow beside each assignment (10) and select Make Visible to Users (11).

Set Due Dates with the Bulk Edit Feature

The bulk edit feature allows you to edit the names and set dates for several assignment at once.

You can select the assignments individually by ticking the little boxes in front of each one (12),  or select them all at once by ticking the box at the top of the table (13).  Then click on the Bulk Edit link. (14)

In the Bulk Edit area, you can change the names or fix spelling mistakes (15) and set dates for all your assignments.


  • Start date will not allow students to see this assignment until after the start date.  This is rarely ever used.
  • Due dates (16) will show up on the calendar in the online course home page, but will allow students to hand in AFTER that due date.
  • End dates (17) will not allow students to hand in after that date.
  • If you set both due and end dates, students see only the due date, but will be able to hand in until the end date.

    Example above:
    Due date of June 22 at 11:30pm
    End date of June 29 at 11:30pm
    Students can hand in after the due date (June 22), but are flagged late
    On June 29 at 11:30pm, the student can no longer hand in the assignment

Save (18) your changes.

The Assignments area looks like this when you set dates, so students can see when things are due.

The due dates show up on the Home Page of your course in the Calendar tool.

Notice that Assignment 2 only has an end date set, while Assignment 1 has both a due date and an end date set.


Article #: HC-330