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Using the Content Tool

The content tool in the Learning Hub is where you can load your course material for students to access.  If you load Word documents, PDF files’ HTML pages, or links to websites, they show up automatically when the student clicks on them.  If they are other types of files, they will download and the student can then open them in the appropriate software.  Other things that can be added into the content area are links to videos, quizzes, discussions, and assignments.

Modules are like the organizing “folders” and Topics are the items and pages you load into the Modules

Here’s how to set up your content area

First, create a Module

Log into the Learning Hub and click on your course title to get into the course.

Click on Content.  This is where you can post your files. (1 in the image below)

First, create a module or two.  (2 in the image below)  Type in your module name and then the Enter key.

We recommend you order your material in a sequential way using the same terms you use in your classroom.  So Week 1, Week 2  or Session 1, Session 2, or Module 1, Module 2, or Chapter 1, Chapter 2…

Second, upload Topics (files)

Click on one of the modules you created. (3)

On the right side, click on the New button (4) and select Upload Files (5)

(Notice all the types of Topics you can add in a module in the drop down menu)

Select My Computer (6).

Click the Upload button (7) and browse to the files you want to show up in that module, then click Open.

Click the Add button (8) at the bottom of that Add a File window.

Now the files that you selected appear as topics.

You can move Topics from one Module into another module by clicking on the three horizontal lines and dragging them over to the module you want them in. (9)

You can re-arrange modules by using the three horizontal lines to drag them up or down the Table of Contents column and letting go between two modules.  (10)   You can make a module a sub-module by dragging it on top of another module.

How to delete Modules

To delete a Module, click on the Module name (11) on the left side, then click on the drop down menu (12) beside the Module name up at the top and select Delete Module (13).

How to delete Topics (files)

Click on the Module (14) with the Topic you want to delete.  Beside the Topic click on the drop down menu (15) and select Delete Topic (16) from the bottom of the menu

How to rename a Module

Click on the Module you want to rename (17) then at the top of the page click in the Module name (18) and you’ll be able to rename it or fix the spelling.

To see what you have done as a Student

Students can view the items in a module by clicking on them.  While viewing a item, the student can click the Download button under the file to save it to their computer.

You can view your course as a student.

Click on your name up at the top right of the window (18) and select “view as student” from the menu. (19)

You can get back to your Instructor-Designer view by clicking on your name (20) the x beside Viewing as Student (21)


Article #: HC-201