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Preferred Names can be updated in the Learning Hub.

Three options:

Option 1:
The student (or employee) can email ETS directly with the preferred name.

Option 2:
Email ETS an Excel spreadsheet with the following 4 columns (one row per student):
1) BCIT id#
2) First Name
3) Last Name
4) Preferred Name

Note:  a Banner or COGNOS report to extract this information into an Excel spreadsheet modified with the above information of one row per student with four columns of information can be emailed to ETS.

Option #3:
Email ETS an Excel spreadsheet with data exported from the Grades Tool in an online course, and add a column for preferred names.
1) Click on:
    Enter Grades
As shown below:

2) Select the three following three fields to export:

3) Click on Export to Excel:

These three fields will now be extracted from your course. Select download to download the file and open it. Add a fourth column for preferred names.

Email ETS this Excel spreadsheet with these four fields.



Article #: HC-975