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  • The most valuable piece of real estate in any online course is that area right in the middle of the homepage.
  • Use the News tool as a central location for welcome messages, deadline reminders, weekly task reminders, or course updates.

Posting an announcement

  1. Click the down-arrow drop down arrow beside News and select New News Item with the add green + icon.
  2. In the Headline field, enter a title for your news item.
  3. In the Content box, compose your announcement.
    You can use the editor toolbar to format your announcement just as you would in MS Word (mouse over the tool icons to see what they do). Try clicking back and forth from the Basic to Advanced tabs to see the different formatting options.
  4. Click Publish.
  5. To see your announcement, go back to your Course Home page (click the Course Home link on the horizontal course navigation bar).

Feel free to explore the other configuration options such as Date Release or other Release Conditions – these features add automation to your course, reducing your workload and creating a powerful learning environment.

Here is a sample “Welcome message” for your course Home Page. Click here.

Editing an announcement

  1. Once you have created an announcement you can click the down-arrow drop down arrow beside the announcement headline and click the edit pencil icon to edit the post. You are taken back to the same window used to create the post.
  2. Make your changes and save them by clicking the Update button.

Deleting an announcement

  1. Click the down-arrow drop down arrow beside the announcement headline and then click the delete trashcan icon to delete the post.

Some Advanced Uses

  • Try inserting a replace string into your message. The most popular one is {firstname} (type it just like it’s shown here). This will place the individual’s first name into your message giving the impression you are talking directly to them. This is very effective for getting the attention of your learners.
  • Date release is great for programming weekly announcements in advance. Try weekly announcements that address outcomes for the week, activities your learners should be focusing on, any due dates that might come up this week, and anything they should be working on in advance of up-coming weeks. You can set your start dates to midnight on Sunday and your end date to midnight the following Sunday and your messages will come and go automatically. You can also ignore end dates and new messages will just appear at the top of the list pushing the other messages down.


Article #: HC-134