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If you are enrolled in more than 100 courses your My Courses list has changed to a search interface with a list of your “Last 25 Accessed Courses”. To find a course, click into the “Search for courses” box, type a descriptor and click the magnifying glass.

Unfortunately, the 100 course threshold is not something we can change, so we are determining the best way to restore the list view.

There are two options worth considering:

1) Deleting past courses

Pros: Cleanest way to remove past courses

Cons: Course material including student participation and grades is deleted forever

2) Unenrolling users from past courses

Pros: Relatively simple process to remove past courses

Cons: Increased storage requirements

Do you have a preference as to which option we should pursue? In both options we need to know how far back to go…


Article #: HC-55