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  1. This information appears in the columns that you see when you search for a document.  Be sure that the course and prefix (at the very least) are correct and in the right spot.  Having reference to the old WPC number (if necessary) can be placed into the File Links area.  This will help you confirm that you are working on the right document, if it used to be a WPC number, but has recently been modified to a non WPC numbered document.
  2. Use the previous or other documents as an example for format. If necessary, rename documents to ensure consistency.
  3. Note that you can change the name of the document in the “edit properties” option.  These fields that appear are the same that you see at the top of the document when you open it as well as most of them will be viewed on the screen/list of all the ShareSpace documents.  So where you put what information, should be similar for each document in order to organize your documents and allow for easier location:
  4. Here is an example of Edit properties.
  5. See screenshot:

Pg 13 screen shot


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