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Here are the steps to submit an exam for a student who has completed a quiz or exam and did not ‘submit’ it.

  1. Go to “Activities” and select the the drop-down menu (upside down triangle) next to quiz/exam and select “Grade”:
    submit quiz
  2. You will see something similar to:
    submit quiz1
  3. Change the view to show all students who have not submitted their exam.
    1. Under the “Restrict to” option, click on the the drop-down menu (upside down triangle) and select “Users with attempts in progress” (labelled 1 in the picture below).
    2. Go up to the “Search for” area and click on the magnifying glass icon (labelled 2 in the picture below). The list of students will be updated to show only the students who did not submit their quiz or exam and a blue (in progress) message appears beside their ‘attempt 1’.
    3. Click on the two person icon next to the the attempt to enter the quiz as the student to submit the quiz (labelled 3 in the picture below).

submit quiz2

  1. You will see a confirmation request similar to the one below. Choose “Yes”:
    submit quiz3
  2. Scroll to the bottom of the page and choose “Go to Submit exam”.



Article #: HC-434