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What is ShareSpace?

ShareSpace is one of BCIT’s document storage and management systems. It helps teams and departments collaborate and access internal information. Because students do not have access, ShareSpace is most often used to store administrative or curriculum planning documents.

Getting Started

ShareSpace is organized hierarchically like BCIT’s organizational structure. Information is categorized and grouped into sites and libraries based on School, Program, or administrative unit.

  • Start by contacting the ITS help desk to request access to your ShareSpace area.
  • If your documents were previously stored with the Word Processing / Document Services department, you should also ask to have the K: drive mapped to your account. The K: drive is where embedded images and graphics have been stored. graphics driveIf the K drive is not mapped to your account you will not be able to access/view the graphics in your documents.
  • Should you require access to the Exams for your School area – be sure to request that from IT at this time.

Getting to ShareSpace

Type in the address bar of your browser.  ONLY USE INTERNET EXPLORER.

TIP: Add your SharePoint site to your browsers favourites list for quick access.


Site Actions Menu / Tabs

Depending on your access level to a given SharePoint site, your Site Action menu may contain various options.

Browse Tab

The Browse tab shows the browse ribbon which includes the ShareSpace logo and bread crumbs.

NOTE:The ShareSpace logo is a link to the home page of the current site.

Page Tab

The Page tab displays the properties ribbon for the current page.

Edit the Page

There are two ways to edit a page:

  1. By clicking the edit icon located beside the Browse tab.
  2. By clicking on the Page tab and clicking the Edit Page icon.

NOTE: You must have the appropriate permission to edit a page.

Global Navigation Bar

The Global Navigation bar is a quick link to the different areas within BCIT. This bar will be persistent throughout most of the ShareSpace site.

Quick Launch Bar

The Quick Launch bar will change as you navigate throughout ShareSpace depending on the type of page you are on. It will give you quick access to the current libraries or lists that you are working on.

Libraries / Lists
  • Lists provide a flexible view for storing most kinds of information
  • Libraries are a special form of a list that usually stores documents.

The Search bar allows you to search the whole ShareSpace site or the current site that you are working in.

The search finds information attached to documents (metadata) as well as content within documents.

User Menu

The User menu will give you access to your MySite as well as your profile.

Additional Information

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