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Here are a few quick steps to create a Forum and Topic inside of the Learning Hub:

Enter your course and click on Activities -> Discussions in the navigation bar.

Once inside the Discussions you will see an interface like the following:

Click the blue “New” button to reveal the option to create a Forum and Topic.  First you will need to create a Forum .

Type in a Title for your new Forum name. Your Forum will soon contain all of the relevant Topics you want to share with students for discussions.

You will have options for Forum Availability and Locking Options.

When you have selected the options you want, you can click Save and Add Topic.

After you click Save and Add Topic, make sure that your Forum at the top of the screen is selected from the drop option, and then add in a specific Topic Title.

Once you click in the Description box, you will be able to use the HTML Editor options and use formatting options, add an image, etc.

Creating a Topic will give you the same Availability and Locking Options that you had in the Create a Forum window.

Once you save your Topic at the bottom of the screen you can close the Topic window and will be taken back to the Discussion List. Here you will see your newly created Forum and Topic.

Once you click inside the Discussion topic you will be able to Compose messages and start discussing with students.

Students start their first post by “Starting a thread”:

Students respond to another student’s thread by clicking on “Reply to a thread”:


Article #: HC-310