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What is Safe Exam Browser?
Safe Exam Browser is a web browser application that limits the user’s capabilities, preventing them from “surfing” the web, accessing websites outside of the Learning Hub, and using the the Learning Hub email tool.

Please note: If you are sending students to an outside website in your exam, Safe Exam Browser will not work, it will block the outside website and or/ material. Example:  An exam that sends students to the WCB website prior to answering a question.

Why Would I Use Safe Exam Browser?
Safe Exam Browser is not intended to replace an in person proctor. It is a tool to help assist instructors with exam security. If you are looking for a tool that makes it harder for students to access the outside web while writing an exam in a lab, this may be the appropriate tool.

Please note: Students are able to log out of Safe Exam Browser at anytime, they are not locked in. It is important that you monitor the students while writing exams to ensure they are using Safe Exam Browser while writing their exam.

Is Safe Exam Browser available for use outside of BCIT labs?
Currently, no.

How do I access Safe Exam Browser at BCIT?
As of right now Safe Exam Browser is ONLY available in BCIT labs, the DRC and BCIT Test Centres. Students writing exams off campus will not be able to use Safe Exam Browser.
How to Find, Launch, and Use Safe Exam Browser in BCIT Labs
Please make sure the student has logged into the lab computer prior to following these steps.

Step One
In the windows task bar (Windows 10) there is a search bar (see red arrow). In this search bar type “Safe Exam Browser”.

Step Two
You should now see “Safe Exam Browser” appear (see red arrow), make sure it says “Desktop App” underneath the title.  Click on the icon to launch Safe Exam Browser on the computer.


Step Three
Once Safe Exam Browser launches, you should see the BCIT log in screen. The student will need to enter their BCIT credentials (username = A#, and password = same as MYBCIT) into the appropriate fields. Once, the information is entered, click the “Sign in” button. Now they should be signed into the Learning Hub, and will be able to navigate to their quiz.

Please ensure that you have read the conditions of use.



Article #: HC-141