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Release conditions are a powerful feature of the Learning Hub, one that automates and empowers your course and the leaner experience.

What are Release Conditions?

The best way to explain this is a scenario. What happens when you are driving and it starts to rain?

Most people would turn on their windshield wipers.

  1. The rain is the condition.
  2. The fact that it has started raining is the trigger.
  3. The wipers are the response.

In the Learning Hub you can select from an extensive range of conditions and apply them to actions within your course.

For example: You have a News announcement that congratulates students for submitting their final term assignment.

In this case, you only want the students who actually submit to get the message, and as soon as they submit.

  1. The assignment is the condition
  2. The submission by an individual student is the trigger
  3. The release of the announcement to just that student is the response

The above would repeat each time the trigger is met – each time an individual submits, they get the announcement.

Here area some of the conditions available to you:

  • An award earned through the Awards tool
  • A grade (below, above or a specific grade) achieved (on quiz, assignment or observable task)
  • Simple completion of a quiz
  • Enrolment in a specified group
  • Everyone with a specified role in a course – Teaching Assistant for example
  • Achievement of a specified competency and/or learning objective
  • A page of content viewed, or all the pages in a module or series of modules
  • A certain date has arrived, or past
  • A posting to a discussion forum
  • Completion of checklist item(s)

There are many many more.

These conditions (conditions of release) can be applied to the following, to name a few:

  • News announcements
  • Release of content pages and/or modules in the table of contents
  • Release of a quiz, such as a make-up quiz that only those who fail the first attempt will see
  • Access to a private group discussion forum
  • Access to assignment results – only after a certain date so you can mark as they come in, but students can’t access the feedback until after everyone has submitted
  • Access to remedial content for those who may be struggling or advanced readings for those who are ahead of the norm
  • A notification to individuals who do not submit an assignment by a certain date

How to apply Release Conditions

We’ll use a News posting for this example, but the process is the same throughout the Learning Hub wherever Release Condition are available.

  1. Create a new News item or edit and existing one
  2. Scroll down to the bottom of the page

Availability – Dates can be used as release conditions and you will see Start Date, End Date, Due Date, etc. depending what tool you are working with.

  1. In the News tool you can indicate a Start Date, the date the item will become visible
  2. You also have the End Date option, the date the item will no longer be visible
  3. You can use neither, one, the other or both of these

Additional Release Conditions – The real power behind this feature

  1. Assuming you don’t have a condition already setup ( Attach Existing), click the Create and Attach button
  2. Using the pull-down list, select your Condition Type
  3. Depending on which condition you select, you may then need to specify Condition Details using the next pull-down list
    1. For example: If you chose Condition Type = Completed a quiz attempt, you would need to specify which quiz as the Condition Detail
  4. Click the Create button
  5. Now the Release Condition will appear in the list
  6. If you specify more than one condition, you will need to indicate:
    1. All conditions must be met – all the conditions you’ve chosen must be true for the release to happen
    2. Any condition must be met – any one of the conditions you’ve chosen can be true for the release to happen
  7. Click the Update button to apply your condition

Here is an example of releasing a News Item to a group:

1) Create or edit an existing News item
2) Scroll to the bottom to the section called “Additional Release Conditions and click on “Create and Attach”.
3) Under the “Condition type”, use the dropdown menu, and under the heading of ‘Classlist’ click on “Group Enrolment.
4) under the “Condition Details” click on Group, and select the group that you want to see this News Item.



Article #: HC-202