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This job aid primarily speaks to the use of technologies used for educational purposes (with students) that are not hosed by BCIT.

• We, BCIT employees, are bound to protect the privacy of our students.
• Privacy includes PII – Personal Identifying Information.
• Privacy includes any information that, alone or in combination, may lead to identification.
• BC has some of the most stringent protection of privacy laws in the world.
• BCIT policies require us, as employees, to abide by the law and specific BCIT policies.
• Use of learning technologies not hosted at BCIT may pose an exposure risk to student information.
• Cloud hosted technologies may pose a major risk.
• Free for use technologies pose a major risk.
• Exposure comes from information we know must be shared, but also hidden data mining that occurs without our knowledge (bots, cookies, etc.).
• Cases requiring consent from students for the exposure of their private information must be informed prior to their decision to enrol in the program.
• Private information, of the student or others mentioned in reports, can take many forms.
• In-house approved alternative to external tools must be considered first.

  1. Risk Assessment (of the technology)
  2. Risk Mitigation (lessen the risk)
  3. Informed student (students must know what they are agreeing to)
  4. Opt out option (those not willing to accept the risk must have and alternative)
  5. Consent to use (to document approval)

• Educational Guide to Privacy Compliance (detailed overview, procedures and forms)
• Educational Technology Services in the LTC
o – 604-412-7444 / 1-800-351-5533 (option 2)
• BCIT Privacy Office
• ITS – Cyber Security

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