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If you ever need to print out an exam from D2L so you can review questions, you have probably noticed that it’s not easy to read the printout.

You can log into D2L, preview an exam, then print that screen.  You’ll get a long messy printout that doesn’t contain the answers.

You can “grade” an exam that has been taken, then print out a student’s “attempt”, giving you a printout with answers, but this is still long and messy.  If no students have taken the exam yet, you will need to impersonate the Demo Student and take the exam, then print out that Demo Student’s attempt.

Or you can use Respondus to get exams out of D2L and view or print them in a nice format that includes answers or not, depending on what you need.

Here’s how:

Download Respondus: (this is NOT the lockdown browser). Here is the job aid:
Download Respond exam tool

When it asks for the registration, use the information provided at the link above.

When you open Respondus, there’s a series of tabs on the top.  Click on the Retrieval tab – top right.  Click the Retrieve Questions button.

You’ll need to set up Respondus to access the server.  Set up a server called BCIT.  It will ask you to type in the URL for your course, so you can copy and paste that in and it strips out the part it doesn’t need, and will set up Respondus to link to our D2L server.  Once you’re connected, you can select your course and retrieve a Quiz or question from the Question Library.  Give this selection a name and Respondus converts it into a Respondus file.

If you can’t see your course in the list of courses, you will have to make sure that the following tools are activated in your course: Quizzes, Self Assessments, and Surveys. Now your course should appear.

Now that your quiz or questions are in Respondus, you can Print them from the Preview & Publish tab at the top.  Select the Preview & Publish tab, then click the Print Options menu item on the left.  You can try out the different formats and adjust the settings to get the type of document you want.  At the bottom of that page, you can preview the file, save it, or print it.

You can use this printout as a paper-based test or as an answer key or as an easy way of reviewing and editing your exam.