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Are Audio and Video files not running anymore in your courses?

  • Are you not able to play videos in your course?
  • Do audio files not play any more?
  • Does the page say the the video is corrupt?
  • Do you get a grey box rather than the video?

Then this article is for YOU!

Web browsers have updated recently and this is causing issues playing videos that worked last term.  QuickTime my no longer be on your computer.

1. Uninstall QuickTime

Open a new Finder window and click on Applications

Scroll down to the Qs and right click (or ctrl+click) on Quicktime.

Click the “Move to Trash” link to uninstall QuickTime.

Empty your Trash.

2. Re-install QuickTime

Download and install the latest version of QuickTime.

3. Re-start your browser

The videos in your course should now run again.

4. If they still do not play

You will need to ensure that your browser is using the correct plugin to play the video.

In Firefox go to the Menu Icon and click on Preferences and then Applications.  In here you will need to change relevant video content types to Use QuickTime Player.