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Opening a Document in Various Ways


1.  In order to open a document stored in ShareSpace one must first check it out.  This can only be done provided that you have access to this area and/or the document has not been checked out by someone else.

2.  In the event that someone else has checked it out, you may still read the document, but not edit or save to your computer.

3.  Sharespace offers various ways to get into a document:

  • click on the left side of the WPC number or area, and a box will appear – that you can click and then click check out
  • double click on the name and then check out
  • click on download document (top menu)

Clicking on the left side of the document information will produce a menu along the top like so:

sharespace navigation bar


Now you have a choice of – upload document or check out, delete, edit properties, etc.

4.  When we double-click on the 21275 (underlined), we get this:

Pg 12 screen shot 1

5.  This give us the opportunity to Read only or Check Out and Edit.  Proceed from there.


Pg 12 screen shot 2

When we open the document, it will always come up with a bar across the top that summarizes the properties of the document.  Even when you store this document somewhere else, like on your computer, it will have this attached to it.  This is because ShareSpace is a Microsoft Product and captures/keeps this information.  This information can be changed to better suit your school’s organization of documents.

Once checked out, the document can be saved onto your desktop, edited in the present form and resaved or just ‘x’ed’ out altogether.


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