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Square is a Moderator
Circle is a Student
Blue small icon indicating a Presenter:

If a student is (accidentally) a Moderator, change them to a student by (left) clicking on their name and choosing “Demote to viewer”

Only one person in the meeting can be the Presenter and has access to all the tools. Left click on someone else’s name and choose “Make Presenter”. That person will then have full access.

Instructors can be able to click on their own name and give themselves Presenter access. Moderators can change access for anyone.

For more details about these roles click here.

Share Screen
When you are the Presenter, icons appear at the bottom of your screen. The last one is a “Share your screen” option. Note, it is best to choose a screen other than the one you are using to run this session otherwise the screen will cascade into itself.

An option is to choose the “Application Window” BUT CLICK ON THE APPLICATION (example – a Word file) FIRST.

If the audience find your file hard to read, “zoom” your file to enlarge the font:

Students can increase the viewing size of the presenter’s screen.
Right click on the white area, then click on “full screen”.
Right click on the white area, then click on ‘show controls”:

The control menu appears on the bottom of the screen. Choose the “maximize’ screen option:

Press “Esc” to get back to regular screen.


From the Chat feature, the Presenter can send a file:

Available at the bottom left hand corner:

– Create your Virtual Classroom to start earlier than expected so that you can login first and prepare your session.
– Upload files in a PDF format is preferred
– Recommended Browsers are Chrome and Firefox
– There is a limit of 10 cameras
– Here’s a guide on how to enter full screen; from BCIT eLearning Coaching course:
– BCIT has the Premium version, which allows:
– Max # of participants = 150
– Duration = 240 minutes
– Session recording availability = Unlimited while a D2L client. Once a recording is available, one can click the drop-down next to it and download it. Unzip the package and view the html file to watch the whole presentation. FYI, these recordings are stored with Amazon Web Services solely hosted in Canada.

  • Students cannot enter the room until the Instructor is in the session. This is message:

Here is a sample of a healthy bar:

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