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D2L courses are not automatically connected to myBCIT through the links on the myCourses tab. To avoid confusion for your students, reconfigure the myBCIT link to point directly to D2L. Here’s how:

1) Log in to myBCIT

2) Click on the myCourses tab.

3) Click on the edit icon to the left of the D2L course title.

4) When you click the edit icon, a window like the one below pops up. Select the option button next to D2L and click Save Changes.


All done! The myBCIT link now redirects users to the D2L learning environment.

Selecting D2L as the default homepage removes your ability to use the myBCIT version of course tools such as email, files, or news. D2L has these same tools but they work slightly differently.

If you need to restore your homepage to the myBCIT default, repeat the steps above and select myBCIT Course Homepage from the pop-up window.