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Linking to ShareFile files within D2L

About this feature

For files larger than 1 GB, you will need to load them into your ShareFile and create a link to them from within D2 to allow students to download them.

You load the file into ShareFile, then create a link within ShareFile and then paste the link into your course’s D2L site. To start, access ShareFile through your web browser at

Step 1: Create a URL to your file from within ShareFile

  1. Locate the file you wish to link.
  2. Right-click on the file and select the option to ‘Get a link’.
  3. If you wish to change link options (such as expiry time), click ‘Edit Link Options’.

Note: Default expiry for links in ShareFile is 31 days, so most courses will need this to be overwritten.

  1. Once you are satisfied with the link options, click on ‘Copy Link’.

Right-clicking on a file within your ShareFile website reveals the ‘Get a Link’ option.

Clicking on ‘Edit Link Options’ allows you to extend the expiry time of your link ranging from 1 day up to ‘never expires’. Click on ‘Copy Link’ when you’re satisfied with your options.

 Step 2: Add the link to your D2L courses

  1. Create a new hyperlink in D2L and paste in your file’s unique link in one of the following D2L tools:
    1. News item
    2. Course Content page
    3. Class Discussion posting
    4. Quiz question and/or answer distractors
    5. Dropbox assignments and/or student feedback
    6. Class messaging using the D2L e-mail tool


Article #: HC-788