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• Every course in Banner (Course File) has an associated template in the Learning Hub.
• Every course delivery instance (Section File = CRN (Course Reference Number)) in Banner has an associated course shell in the Learning Hub.
• Course delivery instances, just like the CRNs that create them, are associated with a term, which is based on the course start date in the Section File in Banner.
• Your students get access to the course delivery instance in the Learning Hub.

• In this case the term “Instructor” is an established role in the Learning Hub.
• The Instructor Role gives you the rights you need to create, manage, and deliver courses.
• You can be faculty by employment, be identified as an “Instructor” in Banner, but the Learning Hub will only recognize you as an Instructor in a course instance once you have been added, as the instructor, to the CRN in Banner.
You are added to the CRN as an Instructor when on of the following occurs:
o Timetabling adds you at course setup
o You accept your teaching contract (online)
• One of these events will automatically result you gaining access to your new course instance, for the upcoming term, in the Learning Hub.

• Generally the above happens as a matter of routine through your program administration team.
• If you find you don’t have access to a Learning Hub course shell you should, please:
o Make sure you’ve accepted your contract if you are teaching under contract, such as for PTS instructors.
o Still no luck – Contact your Program Assistant, Program Head or Chief Instructor.
o Failing all other attempts – The Educational Technology Services (ETS) team in the LTC can manually add you to a course instance. To do this, they will need someone with authority (Department Head/Chief Instructor or Program Assistant ) over the course (a matter of privacy) to send an e-mail request to with:
• The CRN
• The course name
• The term
• Your name
• Your A# (BCIT ID#)
• The ETS team can also help with adding secondary instructors or reviewers your course by using this form.

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