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Images embedded in MS Word files will import automatically. However, it is possible to import images with rich-text and text files using alternate methods.

First, be sure the images are in gif, jpg, or jpeg format and are contained in a separate folder. Then place the following tag at each place where an image should appear: [ img: “filename.jpg” ] . The word “filename.jpg” should be replaced with the actual file name.

For Example:

3) The interferometer, shown here [img: “interferometer.jpg”], was used by which of the following scientists?

a. Albert Einstein
*b. Albert Michelson
c. Thomas Edison
d. Vladimir Zworykin

To include alternative text for ADA-compliant screen readers, place the desired text in a second set of quotes immediately following the quotes that contain the file name:

[ img: “interferometer.jpg” “Picture of an interferometer” ].

All images that are being imported must be placed in a single folder. During the import process, the location of the image folder must be specified in the first step. After the import is complete, the images will appear inline with the question text.

The follow job aid describes how to add an image to a question within D2l, after the quiz questions (without images) has been imported: insert image