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Your input file must be a CSV or TXT file. The examples below are using Excel and saving it as a CSV.

Starting in Excel, here’s what the column headers need to be:

1. OrgDefinedId – for student numbers

2. “Name of grades column” + “Points Grade” – for points recieved

In this case we are uploading marks for Quiz 2. If we were loading marks for Assign 4 the heading will be “Assign 4 Points Grade
You can upload several grade items at once with multiple columns, one for each grade item.
If you already have the item set up in the D2L Grades area, it will add the marks to that item. Or you can chose to create a new grade item during the upload process.

3. The last column must be called End-of-Line Indicator and there must be a “#” after each record.

Save this Excel page as a CSV. It will say that it, “may contain features that are incompatible” and will be lost. You can click the SAVE button to dismiss that message.

Log into D2L and go to your Grades area.


Click the Import button.

Step 1


Browse and select your CSV file.

Tick the Item Creation box if you want to create a new item in the Grades area. If the item already exists in the Grades area, don’t tick the box. In the example below, we ticked the box and will create the item from the CSV file. (If you don’t tick the box, you will not get Steps 2 and 3).

Click the Continue button.

Step 2


Click the Continue button.

Step 3


Change the Maximum Points box to reflect what this item is out of.

Change the Weight box to what % this is worth for the Final Mark.

Click the Continue button.

Step 4


This step displays any error messages.

In this case I got a student’s ID incorrect in the CSV, so it can’t match a grade to that student. I can look at my CSV file and will see that the student ID in row 3 has two digits transposed. I can manually put his grade in once the import is complete.

Click the Continue button.

Step 5


Here it’s showing what will be imported. You can see the students it found from the list that match the students in your course and the new grade item that it is creating.

Click Import to complete the process.

Here’s the new Quiz 2 column that was created in the grades area and there is no score for that one student who’s ID was incorrect in the CSV file.


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