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Publishers have been known to provide quizzes.

Once the questions are stored in a “zip” file, follow these steps to import them in to an online course.It is recommended to import one set (example, a chapter) of questions at a time.

Step One:
Click ‘Edit Course’ on your Navigation Bar.

Step Two:
Under the ‘Site Resources’ heading, click on ‘Copy / Export / Import’.

Step Three:
Select the last option, ‘Import course material’ (from a file), and then click on the ‘Browse…’ button and select the zip file, and click ‘Next’.

Step Four:
Click on “Upload” and locate and select the zip file. Select “Import All Components” option at the bottom left corner.

Step Five:
Once the files have been imported, the following message will appear “Your course package was successfully imported!” Click the ‘View Content’ button to bring you back to the course. Click on Activities, Quizzes and the new quiz should appear.

This quiz is now ready to to have the settings modified.

NOTE: the questions only exist in the quiz and not the Question Library”. Which means that these questions are not available to re-use for another quiz (example, a midterm or final). These questions can be “Imported” into the Question Library. Please contact ETS for help for this task.


Article #: HC-145