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This job aid is what you need if the wrong course was copied into your course OR if the materials were copied twice. You don’t need to call us – You just need to delete everything and start again!


Log into your course.

Click through the course menu, tool by tool and delete everything. Instructions are listed below.

Then use the Import/Export Copy Components tool to import the content from the course that has the content you want. Here is the job aid for a copy course content.

Here are the Step-by-step Instructions:

Content and Course Files

In Content, at the top of the table of contents on the left, click the words “Table of Contents”.  Now at the top of the main part of the page, click the black upside down triangle beside the words “Table of Contents” and select “Delete all Modules” from the drop-down box.

Delete all modules

Next delete the files from the Manage Files area:

Click on “Edit Course” on the right side of the blue navigation bar then click on Manage Files in the “Site Resources” category.


Tick the box at the top left of the files area to select all items, then click the garbage can icon to delete all items.

Delete all files

Quizzes, Self Assessments and Surveys

Next you need to delete the Quizzes, Self Assessments and Surveys, then ALSO delete the Question Library too.


Click on Activities — Quizzes.

Click the More Actions button and select Delete.

Select all the quizzes and click the Delete Selected button at the bottom.

Repeat for Self-assessments and Surveys.

Question Library

Click on Quizzes, then click on the Question Library tab at the top of the page.

Tick the box at the top of the page to select everything, then click on the garbage can icon.


Click on the Course Home link in the Navigation Bar, then click on the drop down triangle beside the News tool on the home page and select “go to news tool” to find the tick boxes and garbage can icon.


Click on the Activities — Discussion. Each discussion needs to be deleted separately.  Click on the drop down triangle beside the Discussion and select “Delete”.


Click on the Activities — Assignments, then the More Actions button and select Delete to find the tick boxes and Delete Selected button.


Click on Grades on the blue Navigation Bar.  At the top of the page, click on the Manage Grades tab.  Now click on the More Actions button, and select Delete.  Select all the grade items and click the Delete button.

Links, Chat and Groups

These tools all have the tick boxes and garbage can icon visible as soon as you go into those tools.


Some Things to Consider

When you are importing from your live course, be sure to select all the items from the import list, so that they come over.  Remember, if you have already imported any items, and want to import them again, you will need to delete them from the course your are importing into, otherwise you end up with duplicates of each item – double the content, double the dropboxes, double the quizzes…  The only tool that doesn’t duplicate items is the Manage Files area.  When you import the Course Files, they over-write all files in the Master with the files from the live course.

If you are importing just one Module from a course, you will need to select that module from the Content area as well as all the files for that module from the Course Files area.

If you import a course into your course twice, you will end up with duplicates of everything!  The only place that doesn’t duplicate is the Course Files area.  For everything else, you will have double and will need to go through tool by tool and delete the second set.