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Here are the steps to view the status of where students are in their quiz/exam.

Go to “Activities” and select the the drop-down menu (upside down triangle) next to quiz/exam (example below – midterm) and select “Grade”:

  • You will see something similar to what is shown below, which defaults to show all the students who have completed an attempt:
  • Change the view to show other options: Click on Show Search Options:

Under the “Restrict to” option, click on the the drop-down menu (upside down triangle) and to show the other searches available. This should show the following options:

Chose another option…example “User who have not taken an attempt”. Then scroll up and click on the magnifying glass to do the search. Here is an example:

You should see the results of everyone in your classlist who have not completed a quiz. NOTE: Faculty and staff might also appear in this list.

Try some of the the other helpful options, or search on a student name, or BCIT ID# from the options ABOVE the “Restrict to” option.

Here is another job aid to show you how to submit exams for students who have forgotten or had troubles submitting their exams. You can do this for them! Click here for more details on how to do this.


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