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You can link to a specific video in in two easy steps.

  1. Find the video in and copy using the Share option
  2. In the Content area of Learning Hub, add a Link in your module

Here’s the step by step

Step 1:  Find the video in

Log into BCIT’s dashboard at and click on the Lynda button.  Find your course, and get to the specific video you want to link to.

Above the video click on the Share link

Click on the first “Copy” button to copy just this video.

Step 2: Add this as a link in your course

Log into your course in the Learning Hub and get into the Content area.

Click on the Module where you want to put this link.

Click on the New button and select Create a Link from the dropdown menu.

Paste the copied address into the URL box, type in the Title in the top box and be sure to tick the Open as External Resource option.

Click the Create button

Now you have a link from that module directly to the video in your module.

When the students click on the link, they will get to a logon page for and once they log in with their BCIT ID and PW, they’ll get right to that video.

Article #: HC-211