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From the Quiz tool or the Question Library, select a NEW Written Response Question (WR):

  • Click in the window of the Written Text section.
  • Click on the “Open in Full Screen Editor ” icon.
  • Click on the Table option, and select the required number of cells required:
  • Here is an example of a question to have students fill in the colours that result from combining these two primary colours. When done, click on the “Close in Full Screen Editor” icon.
  • Add text/instructions for students to fill in the table and modify the points.
  • Check the option to “Enable HTML Editor for student responses”.
  • To copy this table for students to fill in, click on “Options” and select “Add Initial Text”:

Copy everything in the Question Text area (Ctrl & a), then move to the
Initial Text (for student responses) area and paste (Ctrl & v).

Click Save.

REMINDER: Preview the quiz question:

To mark these questions after the exam has been submitted, here is a job aid to help you:
Grade Long answers

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