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Rubrics can be attached to Assignment items or to Grade items.


If you have your rubrics attached to Assignment items…

Go into an assignment, click on the item name, and click the Evaluate link beside a student
Click on the rubric title in the Evaluation area and click on the levels to give them points, then click the Save & Record button
Now, back in the Assignment, click the Save Draft button.
Click the Next Student link to grade another student and keep doing this until everyone is graded.

The score doesn’t show for the students in either the Assignment or the Grades area.

When you are ready to release the grades (Publish) here what to do
Go into Assignments and click on the Assignment item name.
Tick all the students (or click on the square tick box at the top of the list of students to select all of them.)
To the far right of that upper tickbox is the Publish Feedback link.  Just click on that and the “draft saved” turns to “Published”.  Click the Save button and the students can see their score in both the Assignment and the Grades tools.

Watch out!  If when you are filling in the rubric you click only “Save” and not “Save and Record”  that student’s score does not show in either tool.  You’ll have to go into the rubric and click the Save and Record button to get the score to transfer into the Assignment, then you’ll have to Publish that student’s score.


If your rubric is attached to a grade item in the Grades area (and not in the Assignment), you can hide that grade item and release it only when you have graded everything.
Here’s how:
Go into the Grades area and click on Manage Grades at the top
Click on the item name, and then click on the Restrictions tab at the top
Select the “Hide this grade item” option
Click the Save and Close button.

Now you can get out of the Manage Grades area into the Enter Grades area
Click the drop down arrow beside that item and select Grade All
Click the icon in the Assessment column,  fill in the rubric, then click the Save and Record button
Once you have graded all the students you can Un-Hide that grade item:

Click on the Grade area, click on Manage Grades, click on the item, click on the Restrictions tab, tick “grade item is always visible” click the “Save and Close” button and students can now see their grade and can click on the Assessment link to see the filled in rubric.

Article #: HC-122