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If you find that a quiz question and students marks need to be modified after a quiz has been attempted, it can be adjusted.

DON’T DELETE THE QUESTION as all future attempts of this quiz will be modified to the correct version.

If you end up with a bad question on an exam and you want to give students who answered b or c a point, here’s how:

In this example, A is the correct answer that has been set up for the question.  You now want to give students who selected B and C a point too.  Students who selected D do not get any points.
Go into the quizzes and use the drop-down triangle beside the quiz and select Grade
Click on the Questions tab at the top of the page
Tick on the Update All Attempts button:

update all attemps QUIZ

Now click on the question that’s the issue
You can see at the bottom of that page that you can give to attempts with answer 2, 1 point:

update all attempts2 QUIZ
You can do it again if there’s another answer that is also good

Give to attempts with answer 3, 1 point

Remember to Save every time points are allocated.

If the question is just a bad question, you might want to provide everyone with a mark/point. Select the grading type as indicated below:

update all attempts3 QUIZ

– You might have to re-publish the grades after points have been adjusted (see article republish).
– You can take away points by selecting an answer and putting a 0 in the points. In the example above, this will automatically update the students score and only affects students who answered 2 and 3.  Students who answered 4 still get no points.

Article #: HC-155