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Getting started with the Help Centre

There are a couple of major parts to the Help Centre:

1) Search

The search returns instant results so if you know what you’re looking for, try typing it into the search box.


2) Most popular articles

On the home page, we’ve tried to make it easy to find articles people use the most. If you have a suggestion for an article that you don’t see on the home page, please let us know.


3) Articles specific to Students, Instructors and Staff

If you are looking for topics that are typically linked with learning or teaching, try clicking on the big icons on the front page. Here, you’ll find articles grouped by role:

Students and Learners

Instructors and Course Designers

Staff and Administrators


4) Categories

Categories are used to sort and order articles into common topics or groups.


5) Related articles

At the bottom of articles you’ll find a list of articles that have something in common with the one you’re currently reading.


Also, all articles can be rated – the higher the rating, the higher they appear in the search results.


  1. Joven Orais

    how can i print my tuition fee reciept, I enrolled last year to online courset and i’m wanna enclude it this year filing a tax. pls reply

    1. Marlena Vanderwal

      Hi Joven,

      I have copied your message to our IT Tech Support group.

      Thanks for your patience.

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