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If you have a scenario where you want students to pick 3 of out 5 questions to answer, here how to set up the quiz tool.

Although you have 5 essay questions, you want students to pick 3 of the 5 questions to answer. To create this in a quiz, all 5 questions of equal value will need to be in the quiz, and it will bring the final marks of the quiz higher than you want by the value of 2 (additional) essay questions. Two questions must be set us as “bonus marks”.  The instructor will have to ensure that they only mark 3 out of the 5 questions, even if the student answers all 5 questions. Here are the steps:

1) Edit the quiz and choose “add/edit questions”.
2) From the Blue NEW drop-down menu, choose (new) “Section” and name it “Essay questions” and click “Save”
3) Click on the newly created folder, and choose the “Import” button (underneath the Quiz name) and choose “Browse Question Library”
4) Find and ADD the 5 essay questions you want to bring into the exam and click on “Done Editing Questions”. The questions will now appear under a new folder in your exam. It will look similar to:

5) To modify this section so that TWO of the essay questions are “bonus”, click “Edit Values” and tick any 2 questions as being bonus questions similar to:

6) This will now decrease the value of the total quiz by 2 essay questions (by 10 points total, as in the example above). Now we want to add a text message to let students know that they must choose 3 out of the 5 questions in the “Essay Questions” folder/section. So, we  choose “Add/edit questions” in the quiz (again) and click on the “Essay Questions” folder. From the Blue NEW drop-down menu, choose (new) “Text Information (TXT)”. In the ‘message area’, type int he message to students. For example: Please CHOOSE 3 out of the following essay questions. You will only be marked on THREE of these. And click “Save”. You might have to reorder the TXT item to be the first item under the Essay Questions folder. Click on “Done Editing Questions”. In the end, it will look similar to:


Article #: HC-155