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Many documents that were previously managed by Document Services (Word Processing) have graphics that are stored in a shared network drive (K:\).
Pg 15 screen shot 1

These graphics are linked to the document instead of being embedded in the document, and are only visible if you have access to the shared network drive. Linked graphics were used to make it easier for a graphic to be edited or changed, especially if it was used in more than one document.

If a document has linked graphics you will see a links_navbar chain link icon in the top left of the tool ribbon (or elsewhere on the MS word menu if you have it customized).

If the chain link is greyed-out (inactive) then there are no linked graphics; images that exist in the document are embedded.

For example, when you click on the chain link you will see something like the following screenshot. Each graphic has a name and location, and all the graphics in this example are linked. If you want to remove the link and embed the graphics, highlight the entry for the graphic and click the break link button.

Pg 16 screen shot

If you have a new graphic or would like to edit a graphic, the image needs to be deleted and re-added. Go to the Insert > Picture menu and follow the prompts to the new graphic.

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