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The following has been copied and modified with permission from the Desire2Learn Resource Centre help documentation.

When learners take a quiz they create what’s called a “quiz attempt”. Quiz attempts must be marked as “graded” before learners can see their attempt score and any feedback you choose to leave.

Most question types can be graded automatically by D2L:

  • True / false
  • Multiple choice
  • Multi-select
  • Short answer
  • Multi-short answer
  • Fill-in-the-blank
  • Matching
  • Arithmetic
  • Significant figures

The Long Answer type requires you to manually assign a score.

This article will explain how to:

  • assign a score to Long Answer questions
  • update an autograded score

Navigate to the Grade area of a Quiz

On the Manage Quizzes page, click the down arrow to the right of the quiz you want to grade. Select grades_viewresults_assess_icon Grade.

You can grade quizzes by looking at each learner’s attempt of all questions – one at a time, or by looking at all the attempts of a question.

The default view is to look at the attempts for each user – the Users tab. To view an attempt, click on the link under a learner’s name.

If you would rather look at one question and scroll through your learner’s answers for that question, click the Questions tab. This is also the tab to use if you want to update the score of a question for everyone: click the Questions tab and then select Update All Attempts.

Grade a quiz by attempt

  1. Click on the link beneath a learner’s name to see a snapshot of the quiz that was presented. The entire quiz is displayed, including question data, the learner’s answers and the correct answers.
  • If an answer is correct it appears with a checkmark green check mark.
  • If the answer is wrong, the correct answer is indicated with a QuestionCollection.Main.infRightAnswer blue arrow and the learner’s response is indicated with a capture_delete_slide red X.
  1. If you leave a comment in the Feedback field beneath a question, learners will see your comment once the attempt has been set as “graded”.

Assigning a grade to a long-answer question

  • Long answer questions can’t be graded automatically, so to set a grade for this question type, enter a value in the Score field.

Updating an auto graded score

  • To change the score for a question that the system has autograded, enter a new value in the Score field.
  1. If you need to adjust any other grades, replace the autograded marks as necessary, scroll to the bottom of the page and click the Save button.quiz-confirmation

* If you are prompted with a confirmation window, please do the following:

  1. Click the Yes button to manually override the autograded scores.
  2. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click the Save button.
  3. Click the blue trash can icon to update the Final Score.quiz-recalculate
  4. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click the Save button a second time.

* This set of steps is the result of a temporary bug that will be fixed by mid November, 2013.

  1. Select the Graded check box if you are ready to publish the attempt grade and allow the user to view their result.
  2. Click Save.

Grading by question

While grading a quiz, click the Questions tab to view quiz responses by question. Before you click on a question, there are two options available to view question responses: Grade Individual Responses and Update All Attempts.

Grade Individual Responses

This option enables you to grade a quiz one question at a time; you can grade and leave feedback for all responses to each question before moving onto the next question. There are two additional options available in this view:

  • Blind Marking – Student information does not appear alongside responses and responses display in a random order. This helps limit unintentional bias during marking.
  • View Graded Responses – Previously-graded responses appear as part of the response queue.

Update All Attempts

This option enables you to view question statistics, make grading changes, and leave feedback for all responses to a selected question.

Question statistics display a percentage breakdown of how users responded to the question and the date of the most recent response.

Below the question statistics, there are options to modify the grade for all responses to the current question.

Selecting Give to all attempts… allows you to award points to all users who received the current question on their quiz. Type the desired point value in the text field and click the Save button.

Give to attempts with answer (#)… allows you to award points for a specific response. This is useful if a question was incorrectly set up when the quiz was created. For example, if students who complete the quiz receive a grade value of 0 when they really should receive a grade value of 1, you can use this option to award them the appropriate grade value.

Please Note: Any changes made to the grading of a quiz question are recorded in the Modifications Log. The log documents the date, time, username, and action taken for each change to quiz grading.

When you are finished, click the Go back to Questions button.

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