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The following has been copied and modified with permission from the Desire2Learn Resource Centre help documentation.

Getting Started

The Grades tool is a place to organize your grade items and calculations. Grade items in your grade book represent all the work that you want to evaluate users on in a course. You can evaluate specific tasks such as assignments, tests, and participation, and you can also create grade items and associate them with course objects such as Quizzes or Dropbox folders

You must set up a grade book before you can use the Grades tool. As you plan your grade book, consider:

  • What grade items you plan to evaluate.
  • Which grading system is most appropriate for your course.
  • How you will allocate points or weights across grade items.
  • Which grade items you want to associate with course objects.
  • If you want to include a milestone grade at least once during the course.
  • How you want to calculate final grades.

Note: Making changes to a grade book’s settings and calculation options after you begin tracking users’ grades can significantly affect existing data.

Creating a grade item

Grade items represent the individual assignments, quizzes, performance measurements, etc., that you want to grade users on. Each grade item has its own entry in the grade book, which you assign a grade to for each user. You can associate grade items with course objects such as quizzes or discussion forums, or they can exist independently. Grade items can be graded numerically, based on a grade scheme, or with a simple text message, depending on the grade item type chosen.

Begin by creating a Numeric grade item

  1. On the Manage Grades page, click the New button and select Item.
  2. Click Numeric.
  3. Enter a Name for the grade item.
  4. In the Max. Points field, enter the point value for the item.
  5. Enter the Weight the item is worth towards the course total.
  6. Click Save and Close.

Attaching a grade item to a course object

You can attach grade items to the following tools by editing their properties:

For more information and advanced settings options, see the D2L Grades documentation.

Article #: HC-333