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How to get your final grades out of the Learning Hub and into myBCIT to submit the student’s marks.

First you need to have been using the Grades tool in your online course to calculate the final grade.  This article assumes you have been doing this and the final grade has been calculated.

1. Get the final grade out of your online course

You can export the grades into an Excel spreadsheet

Log into your course and click on the Grades link:



Click on the Export button at the top of the page:



Here are the field details to select, followed by a screenshot.

Key Field select: Org Defined ID (this is the BCIT ID#)

Grade Values select: Points Grade

User Details: don’t select anything.

If you are just submitting the final grade to the BCIT gradebook, then only select: Final Calculated Grade. See sample below:


Grades Export

Click the Export to Excel button.

A window will open with a link to the file.
Check the box the left of the file name. The Excel file will appear in the lower left corner and click on the filename to open. See below:

Now the spreadsheet will open with just the student’s BCIT ID#, their grade and an extra column that says 100.

Unfortunately, you can’t have any decimals like in the example below.  Just highlight and right click on the calculated grades column and select Format – Cell, then choose Number, then change the decimal to 0 places.

excel grades

If you have any grades below 50, these are failing grades and you must include a code with them to be able to submit them in myBCIT.  At this point, it may be easier to just delete the rows of the students with marks below 50 from the spreadsheet and deal with them in myBCIT manually.  An invalid grade may cause the 25 student marks around that student to not get submitted too.

Now copy the first two columns:

excel grades rounded

Drag to select only the A00 numbers and the final grade columns.  Don’t include the headings, you just want the A00 numbers and final marks.

2. Getting the final grade into myBCIT

You can paste the grade into myBCIT where you submit your grades.

Log into myBCIT (

On the right side of the screen in the Online Self Service box look for the Faculty Self Service heading and select Enter Grades.

Click on the Final Grades Entry link.

Choose the term and click Submit.

Choose the course and click Submit.

This will bring you to the Grade Input Screen. Click the “Copy and Paste” link.  Right click in the box labelled IDs & Marks and paste (student ids and rounded marks).

Click on the Save Marks button.

Click on Next at the bottom of the page. If accurate, Send to Approver for review.

If one or more of the grades or IDs is invalid, you will be returned to the IDs & Marks dialogue box.

There will be a red T (temporary) next to each grade. Approve all your grades (every page) to get rid of the red T.