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In short (if you don’t want to read the entire article):

  • You must be logged into the Learning Hub and use the built in Email tool to reply to messages.
  • This email is also forwarded to a “preferred” email address which comes from the registration system.
  • If you reply to a message that was forwarded out of the Learning Hub to your preferred email address, it won’t get delivered.

The long version

The mail tool in the Learning Hub is not a full fledged email tool.  Student and instructors MUST be logged into the Learning Hub and use it from within the Learning Hub for messages to be successfully delivered.

A student or instructor cannot send a message from outside the Learning Hub into the Learning Hub.

However, the Learning Hub can send copies of messages from the Learning Hub out to a student or instructors preferred email address.  This is automatically set up if a person has a “preferred” email address listed in BANNER (the registration system).  Each term, person information is sent from BANNER to the Learning Hub.  If the person has indicated a preferred email, then the Learning Hub adds this to the Learning Hub Email settings and automatically forwards all Learning Hub mail to this email address.  The email still is in the Learning Hub, just a copy has been sent out to the preferred address.

The problem that this causes, is when students and instructors reply to these forwarded messages from outside the Learning Hub, the replies do not get delivered and eventually (sometimes days later) notify the person that their message wasn’t delivered.

So what all students and  instructors need to know is they MUST log into the Learning Hub to use the mail system to send messages and to reply to messages.

If you don’t want to have your mail forwarded to their preferred email address,  go into the Learning Hub, go into the Email tool, then click the “Settings” link at the top right of the page.  At the bottom of that page the forwarding options and email are listed and can be changed.

Please  note that you CANNOT send a mail message to an external email address when you are using the Learning Hub Mail tool.It is an internal-to-the Learning Hub mail system only;
Also, you cannot just type in an email address in the TO field. You search the Learning Hub address book and tick the box beside the person’s name, then click on TO, CC or BCC and it fills in the field.

Please use your mybcit email tool, or hotmail, shawmail, google mail, whatever you have, to send your email to that person.

If it is an instructor, or a fellow student in your online course that you want to send the note to IN the Learning Hub, there is another method:
log into the Learning Hub at:
click on your course
click on “Course Tools” in the blue toolbar and select Classlist
click on  the person’s name
a new window pops up; fill it in and click on SEND.
Message sent!! They will get the mail message in their the Learning Hub Mail tool.

Article #: HC-105