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If you need to download Blackboard Collaborate before the course starts or if a practice room is not available, follow the steps below.

We recommend you use either Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome to operate Blackboard Collaborate (and download the software).

How do I download the software?
Step One
Click on the following like to be taken to the Blackboard Collaborate page:
Download Blackboard Collaborate

Step Two
Click on the “download the Blackboard Collaborate Launcher” as shown below:
BB Collab1

Step Three
Select your operating system/platform (Windows or Mac) from the dropdown menu (upside triangle). Sample below will use  the Windows operating system.
Click “Download”. A window will pop up to “Save File”.

BB Collab2

Step Four
After you clicked on “Download”, a window will pop up to “Save File”.

BB Collab3

Step Five (NOTES?????)
Depending on your browser, the download will show once it is complete. (WHAT WILL IT SHOW?????) If you don’t see it , or if you don’t know where to find it you will need to locate the .exe(windows) or .dmg(mac) file in the “Downloads” area of your computer.

Step Six
Double click the .exe or .dmg file to run the install, please follow the directions on screen. If you have further questions please refer to the following link: