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  1. Much of the content held on ShareSpace is the learning materials and exams for production into BCIT Manuals, modules, chapters, labs and exams.  However, ShareSpace can also be used to store departmental documents such as accreditation documents, meeting minutes, presentations, etc.  This training booklet is dedicated to accessing, editing, and storing documents that used to be prepared and stored by Document Services. For training on the other sections, please refer to Andrew Jackson.
  2. Have a look at what is on ShareSpace in your department/school and see if you can see any specific naming pattern, if any.  Be sure to either make it consistent or keep it consistent because it will be easier for you to find your document or sort ShareSpace to better view your documents if naming has been done in a consistent, meaningful fashion.
  3. In the section that holds your Modules and learning materials, you will note that much of the organization of the documents was based on the WPC number generated by Documents Services.  This number will be found on the footers of all documents created by Document Services.  You can find a document with a WPC number by either scrolling for it or searching for it in the Browse section.
  4. The Browse option looks like this:                                Pg 5 screen shot
  5. When you click Browse in the top, there arrives a spot on the right where you can type in the document number, for example 26093. When you type the WPC code 26093, this is what comes up: Pg 6 screen shot
  6. The first one that is coming up on this search is the actual document and some of the “property” information shown there.  The second item is another reference to this document – but simply in the list of the documents in ShareSpace. The third item is the spreadsheet (DocOpenData) that was kept by Document Services that provided the numbers for all the thousands of documents that they named and managed.
  7. In the event that the document cannot be accessed on ShareSpace and only appears on the DocOpenData spreadsheet, consult IT or Bonnie Christensen to provide you with the most recent copy.
  8. For any document that is on ShareSpace and does not have a WPC number, it is very important for it to be named by the course number, so that it is easier to retrieve/locate.  The search function will not work as well. However, if the number has reference to the old WPC number in the summary information tab, the document will come up in a search, but it is more difficult.  Not all documents will continue to have reference to an old WPC number.
  9. For any document that has an odd number/name such as #355_&, it is a name that was generated by the computer in the upload.  These documents simply require renaming.
  10. Note that most schools are keeping their exams in the Exam section of ShareSpace whereby there are categories there for the various schools.  At this time, the document properties are not illustrated in the same way as they are in the main section.


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