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  1. When documents are checked out, they will have the person’s name on the right side of the screen.  Currently, you can see Bonnie Christensen has this document checked out:Pg 14 screen shot
  2. This means that no one else can get in and modify that document.  One can read it, but not modify it.  Once a document is checked out, it should be checked in asap, for the most part.
  3. So, if you have been in and out of many documents, it would be a good idea to view the screen and ensure that all the documents that should be checked back in are.
  4. You can also get the system to summarize all the documents currently checked out by highlighting the checked out to and click the arrow on the right.
  5. See screenshot:Pg 14 screen shot 2
  6. This screen now shows the documents currently checked out the user – Bonnie Christensen.
  7. To check a document(s) back in, simply highlight to the left of the number on the left panel and check the document and use the icon “check in” on the top.



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