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When a student sits down to write an quiz/exam it can be a daunting and nerve-racking process. Every learner has different strengths however, for the average student it is important to setup an exam as follows to ensure the best results.

The recommended quiz/exam settings are as follows:

  1. Multiple Choice, Multi-Select, Fill-in-the-blanks, and Matching – no more than 5 questions per page.
  2. Short and Long Answer questions – no more than 1 question per page.

How Do I change my exam to reflect these recommendations?

Step One: From the Nav Bar, Select Activities, then Quizzes, as shown below:

Step Two: Find the Quiz/Exam you would like to change/update by click on the dropdown arrow and select Edit.

Step Three: From the Properties tab, scroll down to “Quiz Questions” and look for the “Questions Per Page” field. You will notice a blank field where you can insert a number (in this case you will enter 5 – making it 5 questions per page for your Multiple Choice (MC)or T/F type questions). By entering a number in here it will update the entire exam by inserting a blue line in between each 5th question. This indicates a page break. As shown below:

NOTE: The number entered for the questions per page will be blank/empty after this page has been saved. You will be able to see a blue line between your questions to show the number of questions per page.

Step Four: Since we might also have some Short and Long Answer type of questions they will need to be manually updated to one essay-type question per page. Between every short or long answer question, click the light grey line – once clicked it will turn blue, indicating a new page break (you can manually organize questions per page by select/deselect the page breaks). Here is an example of 5 manually created page breaks for essay-type questions followed by 5 questions per page for MC questions:

Step Five: If you choose to activate the “Prevent moving backwards through pages” option, this will stop the learner from moving back and forth between pages, thus resulting in a very low mark if students are unaware they are unable to move freely throughout the exam. Please notify students in writing and in instructions prior to exam. Here is an example of this option:

Step Six: Once the exam is set to the above recommendations, click “Save or Save and Close“.

HC – 111


Article #: HC-111