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A quiz ideally will have the questions available in the Question Library. This allows the questions to be easily added to one more than one quiz/test/exam.

If you want to import questions from a Word file use this job aid to format the file correctly and then submit to techhelp (ETS) to do the conversion using this form.

Create a quiz

  1. Click on Activities, Quizzes link from the Navigation Bar.
  2. New Quiz
  3. Properties tab (this is the default)
  4. Name: create a name (example: Quiz 1)
    (no category is required)
  5. Add/Edit Questions button
  6. Click on Import button
  7. Choose Browse Question Library
  8. Click on the arrow to expand the section as shown below and select the questions you want added in your quiz (not the folder). And then select Add at the bottom of the screen:
  9. These questions are now added and shown. Click Done Editing Questions at the top right hand side.
  10. Scroll to top of the quiz and add 6 questions per page and click “Apply”. A blue line will appear after each six questions below and the number will disappear.
  11. Click Save and Close (the quiz).

You have now created a exam/quiz. Repeat the steps to add questions from another section (if necessary) from your Question Library. You may draw from different chapters or topics (for a mid-term) or a create sections for the MC  and TF questions, and one for the essay questions.

Click on all other tabs at the top of the screen to change the settings for your quiz. Remember to preview the quiz before you use this exam with your students.



Article #: HC-387