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1) Activate your course

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Students do not see inactive courses in their My Courses list so make your courses visible by making them active. PLEASE NOTE THAT STUDENT CANNOT ACCESS COURSE MATERIALS UNTIL THE START DATE.

1) Go into your course and select Edit Course

2) Tick the “Course is Active” checkbox .


3) Click the Save button at the bottom of the page.


Please Note: The course status (Active/Inactive) controls whether the course is visible to students in the My Courses list. The Start Date controls whether students can access the course.

From the student’s perspective, if the course is Active but the Start Date has not yet arrived, the course appears as text that is not clickable:

We recommend that courses are always ACTIVE. This confirms to students that they have registered successfully.




2) Add the class # to your course name

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You may want to add or change part of your course name to make it easier to identify in a list. Here’s how:

1) From your online course, as an Instructor-Designer, from the Navigation Bar, click on “Edit Course”.

2) Click on Course Offering Information.


3) Click into the Course Offering Name field and make your change. It is best if you only ADD information, rather than take information. PLEASE DO NOT REMOVE the CRN code.

For example, add “Class 50E” to the name after the Course Number and Prefix.

3) Scroll to the bottom of the page and click the Save button.




3) Copy material from the Template into your course

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This procedure details how components from a parent Course Template are copied into a child Course Offering (similar to rollover).

You must have access to both the source course (the Course Template) and the target course in order to copy content. Contact us if you need additional help with this procedure.

  1. Go into your new, empty course offering (target course)
  2. Click the Edit Course link on the right side of the navigation menu
  3. Click on the import-export-copy Copy / Export / Import link
  4. Click the button next to Copy items from the Course Template:
    copy from template.fw
  1. Choose to copy either all items or selected items.

Be sure to wait until the copy is complete. You should see a Conversion.CopyCourse.infCompletegreen checkmark if the copy was successful.