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Copying some of your course components from one course to another

You can re-use course material from a previous course by copying content from a source course to a target course. This procedure is also known as a course partial “roll-over”.

NOTE: You must have access to both the source course and the target course in order to copy content.


  1. Go into your target course (where you want to copy the select item into); destination course.
  2. Click the Edit Course link on the Navigation bar:
  3. Click on the Copy / Export / Import link

Here you have four options. Below is an example of copying items from another course (with a CRN or manually created). Select the first option, Copy items from another course and check the box checkbox-checked next to “Include protected IMS resources” (this option refers to SCORM packages):

Click on Select a course.

Search directly for your course by (see picture below):

  •  entering the CRN and term of the source course and Click the magnifying glass 
    • OR
  • enter the name of your manually created course (example: Co-Op – CWE (Master) in the search box and then Click the magnifying glassThen, select the button to the left of the course that has your content and click the Add Selected button at the bottom of the window.Select a Course

    IMPORTANT: Click the blue Select individual items to copy button at the bottom of your screen. This will now provide you with all the possible items to copy. In the example below, we will copy only certain Content items. Click on Continue to list all the Content items.

    Choose which Content Modules you want to copy… Click on Continue again and the system will begin the copy process; please wait for the green checkmark Conversion.CopyCourse.infComplete to appear before navigating away from the page.



Article #: HC-801