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Managing Course Navigation Links

Within a course in the BCIT Learning Hub the course navigation links are contained in an area called the NavBar – Navigation Bar – located in the upper area of the screen, above the course banner:

  • Links in the NavBar take users to the appropriate tools in the system.
  • Links appear in set locations which, in some cases, means they are under pull-down menus by grouping, such as all the Activities tools – Assignments, quizzes, etc.
  • These links can be turned on and off by the instructor so that the NavBar for the course only includes the actual tools needed for that course.

To access the tools menu:

  1. From within your course, go to Edit Course right side of NavBar
  2. Go to Tools – this is a full list of all the tools contained in the system
  3. Turn on, or off, individual tools by clicking the associated Status indicator to the right of the tool name
  4. No need to save
  5. Return to your Course Home page to refresh your NavBar
Article #: HC-610